the death of Bangkok streetfood? – Thailand

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Cheers to some spicy boat noodles, served above the canals around Victory Monument. Small serving sizes give opportunity to taste your way through all the varieties of soupy or dry noodles. Crispies and pork blood broth along with bright green herbs and bouncy meatballs are staples in this dish. The serving size is so small to prevent spilling soup on rocking boats, and although the restaurants have quite stable seating, the tradition prevails.

boat noodles

Tom Ka Kai – fresh and sour white soup with straw mushrooms

Kudos to two of the most famous and delicious soups in Thai cuisine. Red and white in color, loaded with vegetables, the typical Thai mushrooms and seafood. Spicy and refreshing, with aromas of lemon, herbs and zest.

Tom Yum Goong deluxe on the side of the street in Banglamphu

street food: rice and spicy pork

Other classics, rice with something yummy and colorful salads that vibrate with flavors.

The government announced the ban of street food in Bangkok (April 2017) in order to “give the pavement back to pedestrians” only to revoke the claim few days later after a wave of outrage from citizens and foodies.

So what now? Is this the end of street food? As always, the answer for right and wrong is not obvious. Most street stalls are illegal, and more than a few have questionable hygiene practises. Anyone who has been to Bangkok knows that sidewalks are hard to navigate and traffic hazards are more common than not.

The government claims they just want to apply hygiene measures and up the standards. Food travellers praise Bangkok as one of the best cities for street food, but it is true that a lot of stalls just serve average food for a cheap price for workers and employees during lunch time.

A bit of organization and order might not be the worst development there can be, but a complete demolishment of street food culture would indeed be quite a loss. It is to be seen how government will handle this issue…until then: enjoy the great food BK has to offer! And street food are not the only options, of course!

colorful corn salad mixed with a pestle and mortar

grilled chicken wings and a small basket of sticky rice

rice and stewed pork bits

Pad Thai from the food man in Silom

Cantonese style lunch in Yaowarat

Roti Mataba – Indian food

street food sweets – egg yolk candy in little pancake

lush cake at After You dessert

crumble and cream


May 6th – 14th 2017


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