silk stories, snake exercises and elephant butt cleaning – Bangkok, Thailand


uplifting exercise session in Lumpini park

What is there to do in Bangkok (besides Khaosan Road)? Anything and everything, given you are willing to (em)brace the heat. The heat. Sticking to the skin like molasses, putting vapors into the lungs. Thick with the essence of the city, it seems.

Does not sound like much motivation for a serious workout. Well, be at Lumpini Park at 6pm. The joggers might take you by surprise (just be there at 6pm and see what happens). On the other end of the park, a group of a few hundred people is rocking away to some pumping music. Even I got really motivated to join the scene, it is that contagious! The rest of the time, though, I just want to find a cool spot and sleep, as the cat does so well…

behavior in Bangkok weather

bam on a wall

interior design Jim Thompson house

beautiful mushrooms in Jim Thompson’s garden

carefully selected wall decoration

If you appreciate beauty, maybe Jim Thompson’s House with his exquisite collection of artwork and the mystery woven around its former owner is something to visit.

Or MOCA, the museum of contemporary art, to see just how much Thailand loves its monarch (who passed away in 2016). They have aircon too.

MOCA Bangkok

escalators in MOCA

merge of visitor and art

Just in the same area, malls upon malls await you and your wallet, ranging from wholesale to exclusive. Just outside, a crew of workers may or may not be cleaning an elephant’s butt while a little girl watches, fascinated.

scrubbing an elephant’s butt

Onto some real-life creatures, the Red Cross offers daily demonstrations of snakes with the goal of educating people and also producing anti-venom. Got a lot of respect for the snake handlers, some were quite vicious! The museum is very informative and interesting, don’t miss it. Highlight for the kids (and adults): holding a huge and heavy Burmese anaconda. She is strong, a thick rope of pure muscle, and it is exhilarating and humbling to feel the amount of strength.

look at that vicious beast

intense moment


May 6th – 14th 2017


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