outside the food comfort zone – eating spiders in Cambodia

Asia, food

palm fruit shells

Driving through the Cambodian countryside there are of course necessary stops to taste some of the rural edibles. Spider Village of Skuon supposedly gets rid of its spider plague by deep frying the tarantulas and other crawling creatures. Nowadays, it feels more like a tourist place. Here are some scorpions and other bugs, insects, worms etc. sitting in oil. The oil is the biggest problem: cold greasy things are not really my favorite. I can safely say that I don’t really feel the need to try spider again anytime soon.

scorpions and other goodies

bird and dishes

sticky rice snack in bamboo

More stops next to the national roads to get snacks. Sticky rice grilled in bamboo over open fire, slightly sweet and so decadent and simple.

Another staple is the Cambodian pancake, bright yellow and stuffed with minced pork and tons of herbs, again slightly sweet because it’s Cambodia. Other versions might have duck meat or some vegetables. Toppled with spoonfuls of peanuts and bean sprouts, it is a light meal or a big snack that is fast and convenient.

Banh Chao – Cambodian crêpes with minced pork and herbs

Fruit, of course, is a must-get in tropical regions. Widely available and always a winner, although this picture clearly shows a fancy version of a fruit plate.

the standard plate of mixed fruit


April 8th – 10th 2017

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