M50s at Moganshan Rd in 上海 // Shanghai


A bit off the grid, the collection of contemporary art galleries in a former textile district of Xinhe Cotton Mill. Area around it seems strictly residential, and we don’t pass any mall on the way from the metro to Moganshan Rd. This is a first.

Window cleaners are busy scrubbing what has to be a few square kilometers of glass, dangling from a rope. A delivery guy takes a nap on his bike.



window cleaners


delivery guy sleeping


icon of the M50s

Filled with small galleries and artsy shops, it takes some time to dig out gems and finding all the nooks and crannies of the district. Island 6 is definitely worth a visit, located at Building 6. Exhibitions change from time to time, so there is something new to explore each visit. Although I am also content just to walk through the rundown, almost deserted-feeling urban environment.

Coffee nerds, don’t fret. Hipster café/creative space/art shop UNDEF/NE won’t disappoint you.


not sure if decoration or furnishing


plays of light and shadow


art installation




almost a work of art


Shanghai skyline

January 14th 2017

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