Fall For Heidelberg


I should have put up a post sooner about Heidelberg, but I did not have enough footage do compile a worthy photo collection…I just never seem to have the time to take my camera with me. There are just so many places I want to capture on camera..

Fall is slowly transitioning into winter. The sea of red and yellow leaves will soon be gone. During the last couple of weeks, Heidelberg has been an incredibly scenic place. The weather gifted us with some gorgeous fall days perfect for afternoon strolls on the Philosophenweg.

These pictures were taken in late summer/early and mid-fall and features a small selection of my favorite spots in town.


Life in Heidelberg is closely tied to the river Neckar. During the summer, people gather at the shore to have a picknick or put up a BBQ.




As fall came along, the bordering hills turned into an entire array of colors. Fall has always been my favorite season, and I love walking around in the midst of vibrant colors and truly picturesque scenery.




where a leaf has been

The old town of Heidelberg attracts huge numbers of tourists visiting one of Germany’s ‘most romantic’ towns. If you have the time, I would recommend visiting the university’s old auditorium:


old auditorium



inside HATRY – a second-hand bookstore


old town seen from Philosophenweg


Heidelberg castle at night


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