Slovenia tourist classics – Lake Bled & Postojna Caves

Europe, nature

I know a lot of people preach to stay off the beaten path and explore places where no tourists has ever set his foot on. And indeed, some of my most treasured travel experiences come from getting lost somewhere away from crowded spots and tourist traps. However, I do think that you should also give the most famous tourist attractions a go, I mean, there is a reason why those places became popular in the first place.

In Slovenia, even those top tourist attractions are not overly crowded and lots of locals go there as well. Besides, most other places are a lot harder to reach with public transportation.

Nevertheless, Lake Bled is a magical place. Take your time to walk around the lake and hike up a hill to overlook the scenery. Lots of places offer rental boats to get to the small island in the middle of the lake. During summer, a dip in the lake is a welcome bonus and a picknick besides the lake is always a good idea.

Later that day, we watched the sunset over Lake Bled from a nice restaurant that served incredible seafood pasta and raw vegan cakes. Treat yourself.








The other main attractions in Slovenia are Postojna Caves and Predjama Castle which most tourists combine into one day trip. Slovenians claim that the Postojna Caves are the most famous caves in the world. I wondered how they measured its “brand awareness” but found it funny that people and bloggers seemed to repeat this “fact”. Maybe simply proclaiming its fame will prove to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Anyways, I don’t have any valid data to hand to contradict this statement so I will simply mention this knowledge to spread the word 😉

There is a constant chilly 9°C inside the cave but although we were warned, we still did not bring enough warm clothes. After a while, we were quite desperate to get some warmth. Still, the caves were stunning and well worth a visit.








Postojna Cave’s signature stalagmites


Predjama Castle


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