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I always had Düsseldorf in mind as the slightly underrated capital of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Posh but not very excentric. A quiet glamour surrounds the rich and not quite famous as they emerge from their black Porsche on Königsallee. Great for windowshopping or peoplewatching and taking in the “flair”.

Its chic and modern parlament building sits right next to the river Rhein (Rhine), overshadowed by the most intelligent clock in the world that nobody knows how to read. Even though the city is busy and dynamic, it has a more reserved feeling to it than other cities of similar style.

It was freezing cold the day we visited, and I was glad I got to warm up my insides with a good old bowl of ramen on Oststraße, comfort food at its best.  NaNiWa has become a hotspot over the years for businessmen and hipsters alike. There is always a queue outside, but turnover is quite quick. Look at the menu while you are waiting, order as soon as you sit down, eat and make room for the next guests, that’s how it works.





Christmas decoration still intact although it was already the new year, but it is a tradition to keep the Christmas trees until the 6th of January

Uerige is another Urgestein meaning a well-established institution in Düsseldorf. Tourists are easily spotted amongst the locals (themselves often being Urgesteine). First-timers find themselves awkwardly looking around trying to figure out how to order a drink. Don’t expect any help from the Köbes (Düsseldorf slang for waiter), and do not order coke. The old lady’s death stare will teach you a lesson. You will most likely need to share a table with strangers, the Köbes will bring you Altbier (specialty in Düsseldorf) without order and mark it on your coaster. The only “soda” is the homemade Fassbrause, a refreshing drink with a hint of malt.

If you are hungry, there is a small selection of regional specialties, hearty and with lots of meat.

rsz_img_1510Photos are taken by Max


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