Only Lyon



Lyon is probably my favorite city in France, its unique position at the confluence of two rivers has shaped Lyon into the thriving city it is today. It has a lot to offer; culture, music, food, you name it, Lyon has it, while not being as big and pompous as Paris (sorry Paris, I still like you). I have visited Lyon three times in four months on various occasions, and each time, I grew more and more fond of it. I just love strolling around at the riverbanks or enjoying the view from Croix-Rousse. Lyon has succeeded, while of course being typically French (architecture, people, food), to develop some traits that are solely his own; traboules (little passageways in houses and courtyards), frescos and bouchons (that’s a Lyonnais restaurant) serving quenelles de brochet (a fish dish), andouillettes (sausages made with intestines) or cervelle de Canut (a type of cream cheese dish) with a glass of Beaujolais nouveau (a red wine fermented for only three weeks before the sales beginning on the third Thursday of November).










view from Croix-Rousse, overlooking the “upside down elephant” and the metal tower



The Musée des Conflences was newly opened when I visited, the queue was too long to get inside, but the architecture is truly fascinating and provided some great photo objects. The only problem was that it was freezing cold and I was dying to get into some warm café or bouchon or whatever but inside and warm and cozy. The pictures turned out nicely, though.





photos by Max and me


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