Toulouse – la ville rose



 Toulouse got its nickname due to the terracotta bricks used. The colors ranges from a bright orange to a subtle red and gives it an overall pinkish look. It looks warm and welcoming , a welcoming sign to the travelers on the French St. James Way, the route to Santiago de Compostela. Two Unesco World Heritage Sights are located in Toulouse. Firstly, the Basilique St. Sernin where I saw a group of women get a little booklet signed and stamped, probably on their way to Santiago.

The other is the Canal du Midi, an almost 200km long canal that connects the Atlantic with the Mediterranean, built during the time of Louis XIV. The World Heritage label is more thanks to its historical significance, I guess, because the segment I found was, to be frank, really plain.






le cloître du musée des Augustins



My favorite spot was the St. Etienne Cathedral, it looks like it was two completely different churches combined. It has a Gothic part sitting on a Romanesque foundation, even the interior is divided into two parts.




le Capitole




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