The trip to Sardinia was supposed to be a quick break, a breeze of fresh air after a couple of busy months. We only had two full days in Cagliari (the capital located in the south), and on our first day, we booked a tour from sardiniadreamtour. I do not do this type of tour very often but I think it was a great way to see a lot of things in a short amount of time, plus we did not have to worry about transportation at all. A great solution for busy people with no time to properly plan their travels…

Our tour guide, Francesco, picked us up in his jeep and we headed off to the mountains and onto some 4×4 terrain. The landscape was beautiful and Francesco explained a lot about the history and Sardo culture along the way.





The beaches are not to be missed and the tour included a visit of two of the most beautiful beaches in the region. The ocean was a pretty turquoise blue without a single cloud to be seen. We had a lot of fun taking pictures, being lazy and an occasional swim in the ocean. I did get a bit sunburnt though, which fortunately does not happen very often. (remark: the tan lasted a good couple of months, especially as it was tended to in Southern France)

During the summertime, the beaches are very crowded, and vendors are roaming selling typical beach stuff and other goodies. Still had a good time, though…












The next day, it was time to explore the city of Cagliari, it is great to just wander around and get lost in the little alleys and streets, the houses are really cute and the weather was sunny and hot. Lots of breaks needed. I got some figs from the market and even picked one from a tree and they were probably the best figs I ever had.

We tried to find the amphitheater but had some problems finding it, after some attempts we spotted a chic and important looking building with the inscription “Ospedale” and walked in. It looked fancy with some statues and busts, but something just did not seem quite right. There were people in white uniforms and many people walking around with IV poles. Well, we were still clueless. Until we saw the sign stating “Radiologia“.

We did not find the amphitheater. What a pity.

Later at night as it cooled down a bit (thank goodness), we chilled out on top of the Bastione di Saint Remy and watched the flamingoes fly by. So beautiful.














beautiful little UFO cloud




To be honest, the food we had was not that great, which was probably due to our lack of research. We tried a typical Sardinian restaurant which was mediocre and a small snack stall in front of our hostel which was always busy and served fried stuff. My food was not edible because it got way too much salt and the rest was oily and greesy. Sad times.

The next morning we suddenly felt the urge to eat some gelato as we had not had any on our trip and it seemed like a must-do in Italy, so we hurried along the streets with all our luggage trying to find a place that had alredy opened at 10am. Luckily we found one little shop that was open and had good ice cream, success!



 Pictures were taken by my friend Isa


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